The Christian Life Coach

The Christian Life Coach uses biblical principles to govern the coaching process. Their focus is to hold true to the word of God while helping people to find clarity, solve problems and reach their goals. They are good listeners who provide support, encouragement and motivation that people need in order to stay the course on their journey toward their goals.

The difference between Christian and Secular Coaching is obvious. However, it does not mean that you coach people who are not Christians. You can coach anyone you want and you are trained to the same degree a other Life Coaches as a Christian life coach.

When it comes to marketing your services, you need to know who you are trying to target. Depending on where you are located making it know that you are a Christian Life Coach will help your practice.

The Bible Belt for instance.

If you are in other places and you actually want to reach all people, you don't want to market your services as Christian. As long as you are helping the people to reach their goals you are earning your pay.

You will want to let them know, however during the initial meeting that yours is a Christians Coaching Service and that you can handle their needs.

If you are seeking a Christian Coach and you are wondering if there is a difference in the outcome compared to secular. You will be thoroughly satisfied with choosing a Christians Coach.

In Christian Coaching it is not implied that God plays a part in the client reaching his/her goals, light is shed on this. God is in the relationship between the Coach and the Client.

Topics The Christian Life Coach Can Handle

The Christian Life Coach handles the same issues or problem that a non Christian Life Coach handles. He/she will ask you what issue it is that you want to focus on.

These issues might be something like....

  • Recovering from divorce
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Improving Relationships
  • Stopping Negative Thoughts
  • Following through to accomplish goals
  • Communication Skills
  • Career Change
  • Handling Old Age
  • Coping With Illness
  • Prioritizing Time or Activities Better

The Christian Life Coach life like any other Life Coach, can handle many issues that life throws which does not require therapy or a license counselor. What ever you want to deal with bring it up, if the Christmas Life Coach thinks you need see a therapist or counselor he/she will let you know.

The Christian Life Coach