Coaching By Phone

(Telephone Coaching)

Telephone coaching sessions are a great alternative to face to face coaching. It is as effective as visiting an office. A great percentage of coaching is done this way or online.

What really matters is if you, are comfortable with being coached on the phone as opposed to physically being in the presence of your coach.

People have different personalities. You have to be honest with yourself about the type of person you are. Do you favor face to face interaction or is there no hang up with either way of conducting business. How about the business that you do now.

How much do you conduct on the phone. Do you call business or drive down to the office. Does convenience matter to you?

If you are going to try it, clear your mind tell yourself that you are open to being coached by phone and see how it goes.

f the phone doesn't work, try online coaching with a video conferencing or webinar service.

If you find after a few sessions that it does not work for you because you rather see someone in person. Find a coach in your local area for the type of coaching you need and get your coaching in an office visit.

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