Student Coaching

Student coaching is offered at some high schools and colleges. Some schools have a curriculum or workshops to teach student success and study skills. But there are a growing number of educators, counselors and other people who are passionate about seeing students perform well and reach their full potential.

That's why the field of student coaching is spreading all over the world.

Student Success is eminent!

Many studies show students improve with coaching .

There are many from the old school that may think there is no need for study skills or student coaching since it did not exist years ago, at least not by that name. There are many more distractions for students now and new technology used in order to deliver information.

Besides that, anything that improves a students ability to learn should be seen as a positive thing. If you can figure it all out without someone sharing their knowledge that is good but what spend time trying to figure it out when there are people willing to take the best practice, tools and techniques for learning and deliver it to you for immediate use.

What a Student Coach or Study Skills Coach Teach?

They basically teach what ever is needed in order to accomplish student success. The specifics depends on what the student is bring to the table.

As you know everyone is different and the benefit of having your own coach is that you get what you need. Here are some fundamentals to being a successful student that should be taught to some degree.

  • Time management
  • Strategies for retaining information
  • Reading Strategies
  • Organization skills
  • Prioritizing
  • Different Types of Learning
  • Discipline
  • Note taking skills

Some study skills tools and resources

for self improvement

Here are some website that have some great information to help with student study skills and learning.

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Student Coaching