Starting a Sales Coaching Program

Here is some important sales coaching tips if you are considering starting a program at your company. As tempting as it may be to want to coach everyone together or place focus on the highest earner or poorest performers it is not necessarily your best move. Target the program for the reps who are average. Here are some more important sales coaching tips.

  • Determine your specific objectives
  • Make sure you hire appropriate coach
  • Shy from cookie cutter programs if you have experience sale reps
  • The sales coaching program should be a part of the climate of success not the total solution.
  • Don't rush into making a selection for your program

Studies show the the average sales people are the ones who would benefit most by ongoing coaching that is designed to improve their skills. (The highest performers probably already actively seek all the information they can and will grown anyway. My opinion) The lowest performers may not be a fit for the position in sales. (My interpretation of the study, lol)

You may want to do some sales interview coaching to get a feel for the passion of those reps. Some people will get into anything because of the potential outcome, salary for instance. You know as well as I that sales requires passions and desire.

Two resources for some great ideas and information for sales training are on...

Starting a Sales Coaching Program