Sales Coaching Services

Sales Coaching Services can come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Sometimes they are delivered to teams or groups in the form of speeches. Other times sessions are for coaching sales manager or coaching sales reps.

The audience may vary but the objectives is the same, to motivate, transfer knowledge, give insight, share tips and wisdom while using coaching techniques to improve performance and increase productivity. Usually, but not always, coaches are highly successful salesmen/women.

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Salespeople who love their jobs are a special breed. Their ambition should not be wasted.

Some of the Benefits of Sales Coaching Services

Whether you are in a crowd or small group or getting one on one sales coaching services, there will likely be some common areas of discussion and training. It will vary depending on who is doing the coaching which should be determined by you depending on what your objectives are. Inquire of the sales coach or company their standard model or course and if it can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Adapting to today's reality
  • Effective cold calling techniques
  • Using body language in face to face
  • Voice inflection
  • Personal development
  • Effective listening skills
  • How to get a commitment
  • Networking with business
  • Using social media
  • How attitude affects your productivity
  • Prioritizing
  • Time Management
  • How to stay motivated and focused
  • How to master building referrals
  • Awareness of and improvement (if needed) in the sales process
  • The company or sales rep mission statement overview
  • Situational Exercises

Sales coaching is somewhat different than life coaching because but not really. You are doing more teaching and transferring skills and principles outright as a tool if you are an experienced and highly successful salesperson.

As a Life coach, you do it more subtle and to a lessor degree depending on the client's needs. A person being coached in sales is already thick skinned. They want to know what you know.

Especially when coaching groups, teams and management in sales.

Coaching sales reps will be closer to Life Coaching in that there is interaction in order to determine specific weaknesses and strengths in attitude, personality and methods so a course of action can be determined for improvement.

This is of course in addition to providing other tools, insight and expertise from experience in sales and/or education in human behavior.

Sales is all about understanding human behavior, having a strong belief system, positive thinking and persevering. Sales courses coaching should be a required part of high school curriculum if you ask me. It's fundamental to life.

That's why salesmen successful salespeople are the highest earners in the workforce. They master what is fundamental to life and interacting with people. These are the people who decide to expand beyond sales and offer sales coaching services.

Sales Coaching Services