Real Estate Sales Coaching

Real Estate Sales coaching should be done by someone with a background in the business. Not much different than a mentor except with training as a coach too, you that he/she knows how to share the knowledge and insight while providing you with tools to use going forward.

Your real estate sales coach will likely listen to your issues, ask questions and provide feedback. By the end of your session you will have actions steps for moving forward and can expect periodic phone calls to make sure you are following through.

This accountability measure will help you stay on course to success.

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Who Would Benefit From A Real Estate Sales Coach?

If you are selling real estate and you want to increase your sales, it is highly likely that you will benefit from real estate sales coaching. This is especially true if you don't currently get any type of ongoing training or coaching.

It is much easier for someone else outside of your own mind to help you determine where you might be able to make some changes in order to be more effective. Of course the specifics of the communication will be based on your desires and goals for coaching.

In many cases the coach will help you answer your own questions and find solutions to your own problems. However, being in a specialized field your coach may have skills, tools, ideas from past experience to help you have more success.

Possible Information Discussed in Real Estate Sales Coaching

  • Creative thinking
  • The are of opening and closing the sale
  • How to respond to negative responses
  • The 80/20 rule application
  • Networking
  • Power of the mind
  • Effective communication
  • Finding properties customers - Prospecting
  • Lead generation
  • Retaining customers
  • Marketing and branding your business (Even if you are an employee)
  • Listen skills
  • Self development
  • Using emotions to your advantage
  • Positive thinking skills
  • Decision making
  • Time Management
  • Attitude for success
  • Using emotions to your advantage
  • Your personality traits and what it means
  • How to respond to rejection
  • Self Awareness
  • Seeing the big picture

Real estate is a very competitive area of sales and is especially in the current economy. Real estate sales coaching can give you an edge but I have some more information to give you just in case you have been sleeping under a log.

The green movement is in effect. You can designate yourself as a green agent to stand out from the competition.

Just last year I went through an Energy Assessment Certification class. I also went to a lot of seminar for the industry. What I learned is that many agents are trying to avoid the coming changes.

If you will welcome the change and learning the new information, you will be ahead of your competition. See if there is training available in your area to introduce you to what this all means.

If you are in Greensboro N.C. the same instructor that taught me Energy Auditing is now doing classes for Real Estate agents for $45.

The classes are at Greensboro Technical Community College.This guy has been an agent for 23 years. He is passionate about learning and teaching. (Cant tell you all f the certifications he has) and is a joy to be around.

His name is Andy Courts get in contact with him here

or call him 336.402.4118 to find out the classes are given at GTCC again.

Tell him you are interested in

Real Estate Agents: Sustainable Housing & building Green: What Agents Should Know.

It's 4 hours and approved for Real Estate elective #2919 Pocket card required for the class. Tell him Hervy a student from BPI training sent you by.

Real Estate Sales Coaching