Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching helps you to look at parenting from a big picture view. You will learn to listen and communicate your desires of them better. You will learn how to make sure you are intentional at working towards specific goals in your efforts as a parent.

Parent coaching will help you overcome the specific obstacles that are causing you problems day to day and avoiding problems that might that could come tomorrow.

How much is being effective at raising your child worth to you?

A Proud Happy Parent

Parents today have the most difficult task there is for adults to handle. Parenting coaches help to look at the task from a big picture view. After listening to you and communicating back and forth, they help you discover betters way to accomplish the goals that you have with your child.

Why Would Anyone Need Coaching As a Parent?

Most people never get formal training or even serious construction conversation about how to be a good parent. By default we use the same techniques that were used on us as a child by our parents. (Good or Bad) We also use the information that we have picked up from sources between then and now.

When those sources are TV or other adults who are not focused on the end goal, it can lead to other than desired results. Further more, even if you had the best well intentful parents, they were not perfect and had areas that could have used improvement. As an adult is your life perfect?

Not to mention that researchers in the field have been doing studies for years on being more effective at parenting so that we learn what to watch for, what to instill and how to best do it. Your parents didn't have the results from these studies or the new information.

Unless you have exposed yourself to the information you won't have it either. Here are just some of the things parenting coaching might cover.

  • Encouraging and supporting
  • Real positive parenting
  • Proactive thinking in parenting process
  • Effective usage of parenting styles
  • Setting goals for you, the family and the child
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Identifying personality traits
  • Emotional support
  • Temperament differences and what it means
  • Better communication skills
  • Body language
  • Breakthrough parenting
  • Identifying risky behavior
  • The signs of abuse
  • Balance of respect
  • Effective disciplining
  • Realistic but high expectations
  • Body language of your child and you
  • Awareness of self
  • Discipline techniques that work
  • Personal development
  • Instilling creativity
  • Modeling the right behaviors

Parenting coaching can help you improve on your parenting skills regardless of where you are. You can polish what you know and learn some of what you don't think about by the time the session is over.

You can then come up with action plans to help you achieve parenting success in equipping kids for the real world so that they are prepared for adulthood. Parenting coaching helps you get your children ready to become contributing members of society while living a happy and prosperous self actualized life.

Parent Coaching