What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaches help you see things from a perspective other than your own. New thoughts and ideas means new options, opportunities and solutions. The Life Coach will listen to what is going on with you.

Together you will identify a specific concern you want to deal with first. Change a habit, solve a problem, deal with an life event, prepare for an event, etc. At this point, a goal is established and a plan or action steps might be put in place.

Your life coach will hold you accountable with calls and/or future meeting to help you stay on track. This support is motivating and helps you stay focused. Improvements can be made in many areas of life. A new you emerges.

Life Coach Training

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Coaching helps you gain traction in life from where you are right now regardless of your past. You will get support to improve the weak areas of your life and become more aware of your own abilities, talents and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone can benefit from seeing a life coach. Here are some issues that people commonly deal with. Life coaching can often help.

  • self esteem issues
  • help solve problems
  • set and achieve goals
  • can't get ahead in life
  • help mediate conflict
  • coping with lost of a job
  • overcome fear anxiety
  • marriage or relationships
  • feeling unappreciated
  • Problems with your kids
  • Feelings of something missing
  • Feelings of being sad

A life coach may specialize in any area of life. They often do based on their on training, education or experience. Here are some areas that life coaches find people seeking specific help with. If you have specific area let your coach know.

How Can a Life Coach Help You

Life coaches usually focus on issues dealing with self improvement in a wide variety of areas. Many of us missed some the lessons in life at some point. This can create voids of knowledge. With this void there can easily be flaws in our thinking.

Also, we go through experiences that leave baggage in our subconscious minds that affects our thinking.

This could cause problems in marriages, at work, setting goals, parenting, or just dealing with the ups and downs in life.

Sometimes a person has no idea why they may feel like something is missing. They try to get ahead and decisions keep leading to dead end roads. Or you might not even be aware of the fact that these dead ends are a result of decisions. Some people feel that life is simply unfair.

A life coach helps you see the reality of what's going on with you. This enables you to really identify what parts of your thinking, character, personality could be changed so that you get a better outcome.

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