Life Coaching Jobs

There are Life Coaching Jobs available all across the world. Life Coaching Jobs can be with large companies, small organizations, non-profits neighborhood churches, Colleges and in many places in between. In other words, there is plenty of opportunity to gain employment as a Life Coach. Also some life coaches may get jobs as a mentor or Life Skills Coach.

Companies that have wellness coaching jobs or sports coaching jobs will sometimes train life coaches for those positions also.

Many Jobs are with the companies that will provide the life coach training. These companies are growing quickly and are always hiring good talent. Most life coaching is done online so the profit margin is high and the expenses are low since coaches don't have to come to work, they work from home on the phone or online. Sometimes these Life Coaches are Independent Contractors.

Because of low overhead and the nature of the business, many Life Coaches Work from home as an Independent Contractor for multiple companies and organizations or they start their own Life Coaching business and get their own clients.

Starting your own Life Coaching businesses is desirable by many but not all Life Coaching schools provide the training necessary for Graduates to know how to proceed with marketing, getting clients or setting up the business.

Because of this, many Life Coaches basically do part time work. They get a client here and there from referrals. They often have other jobs as a main income.

Because of so many variations in how Life Coaches work, the payscale is all over the map. New Life Coaches average from about $10 to $45 dollars an hour average according to After 10 years experience the average is $160,000 per year. Keep in mind these numbers include those Life Coaches who are working part time.

The normal pay rates of life coaches vary greatly but $100 per hour is not unusual even for beginners. It depends on location, demand, popularity of the service, skills, business and people skills of the Life Coach.

That being said, services of a Professional Life Coach usually spans over a period of time and several sessions. Several meeting over 30 days is often the minimum with 2 or 3 month commitment being desired.

This is preferred because most issues will take longer than a month to get resolved. Most people will need more than a month in order to reach their goals or make the desired life changes hard habits too.

This commitment is beneficial for the client and the coach. In between the meeting or phone sessions, there is also support calls in order to make sure the client is following through on the agreed upon steps in order to achieve his/her goals. This is part of what the client is paying for. It is part of the Life Coaches Job.

Life Coaching Jobs