Life Coaching Fees

Life Coaching will be lower for most newly Certified Life Coaches. Many don't feel comfortable charging full rate until they have a few paying clients under their belt despite having actually been through the coaching process many times.

It will also depend on how long of a committment, regular sessions, number of calls from him/her in between sessions and maybe other factors determined by the coach.

If a client wants to only single session or to pay by the session the amount per hour will likely be much higher.

Coaches like to get a commitment for a certain period of time. The minimum for any significant coaching goals is 30 days. The desired length of time is more like 3 to 6 months.

For 3 months or longer the fees may be broken up, depending on the Coach or Coaching Company.

Keeping in mind that the fees I list are to get a ball park idea. Each Coach or Coaching Company will have their own specific fee amount.

What you want to do is find a Coach or Coaching Company as ask them directly how their Life Coaching Fee Structure works.

So here we go....ballpark speculative numbers...

New Coaches might charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour.

A Coach with a year of experience might charge from $100 to $350 per hour.

Some Life Coaches will offer discounts to people who can't afford their services.

Here is something ugly for you. Some Life Coaching Business like to base their fee structure on how much they think the client can afford.

That means if the Coaching is to someone well known in the community some Coaching Companies will charge him/her more.

If the Life Coach is the one who is popular or well established, obviously the specific demand on his/her time is greater and usually the issues are more complex and so the fee for that person is higher.

These Life Coaches might Charge from $500 per hour to $10,000 for 3 month or more commitments depending on details of the commitment.

Marriage, Relationship, Work, Parenting and Business Coaching could all be handles by a Life Coach with the suitable background, training, or education in the area needed. Dealing with those issues would not necessarily cause an increase in the fees.

Special Designations or Specialization of Coaches who focus on dealing with specific issues might charge higher rates than a Life Coach would because they can go deeper into specific of the specialization.

Business Coaches usually run more that Life coaches.

Executive Coaches on average charge more than someone designated as Business Coaches.

Sales Coaches may vary depending on factors.

Sports Coaches, Health Coaches and other Coaches Fees are different also, you will have to seek information based specifically on the type of coaching that you want and From the Coach that you want.

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Life Coaching Fees