Life Coach Training

Life coach training is needed in order to learn how to be effective at help people. This is often called learning the coaching process. There are many ways that this training is offered. The main thing is to not just go for the cheapest life coach training program that you see. Which ever type that you choose should be compared to other programs of the same type.

Be advised all learning is not created equal

The types of Life Coach Training

College Courses

Private Training Companies

Training Online

Training By Another Life Coach

Training By Seminar Classes

Training By Self Studies and Experience

College Courses

Many colleges are offering classes now to train Life Coaches. Some of these courses are a curriculum of the college itself. Sometimes the course is in partnership with a private Life Coach Training Program and sometimes it can be taught by a local Life Coach who wants to share their knowledge.

Generally community colleges are a good place to get any type of training in my opinion. (I have attended 3)

Private Training Companies

You will see them advertising everywhere online. These are companies that specialize in training coaches. Some grow to this point after starting actual life coaching clients early in the game. Others recognize a huge opportunity and simply start a program. It really doesn't matter in the end, the program itself is what matters.

Some people learn much better by attending a physical class and interacting face to face in the learning process. I myself am like that. As you might imagine, this is the most expensive type of training to get.

Many of these Life Coach Training Businesses will also offer their training online.

Training Online

Life Coach Training Online is the most common way to taught the process of life coaching. Most online training programs will include phone sessions. Some will even require that you physically attend part of it at a training facility. They may use Skype or other similar software (including proprietary) in order to facilitate he training program.

There are plenty of good Online Life Coach Training Programs but there are also shams. Do your homework on what ever program you are considering. Make comparisons of the modules, courses, concepts or topics covered in the program.

Don't rush they start every month or so. There is no point in going through the motions and getting a certificate. There is actually a lot to learn.

Training By Another Life Coach

Many life coaches will perfect their craft and then want to teach it to others. Some will teach in order to grow their own businesses with coaches having their preferred style of coaching. Others will just prefer to diversify how they generate income. Most will like the idea that they can give someone teach someone a skill that they know will help to change other lives.

All are good reasons. Not all people are good teachers. Some people you talk to and you immediately feel they are capable. Others you might have a funny feeling about. Both could be wrong or right. Some people are more intuitive than others. If you are not comfortable, remember you are in the driver's seat. Ask for references or a free class or two. He/she can either say yes or no.

Also ask if there is an outline of the training process and topics that will be covered, especially if you will be paying for the program.

Having said that, remember, these people love helping people. Don't assume individuals are a scam or are less effective. The purpose of this is not to shy you away from individuals who train. I just want you to trust and verify.

Training by Seminar Classes

Many Life Coach Training Seminars are held around the country and all over the world. They vary in length and costs. They could be for a weekend or for a week and from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Again, you will have to do some research. Do a search on the name of the company or what ever they call the training program. If they don't have a headquarters or physical building somewhere or at least a website and office, you should be cautious.

There are good seminar training programs. I have attended one of these too.

Self Studies and Experience

Depending on what your plans are and the time frame you are working with, this may be fine. If you have a lot of free time and want to save money, you can go to the library and read up on the coaching process. In fact there is a Life Coach For Dummies Book and many others.

You can also surf the web and learn.

If you have been working in the field of human resources, benefits, counselor, social services, mental health, etc it's not a huge gap to bride.

Certain personality types are also naturally inclined to help and are empathetic in nature.

As stated before, most people are interested in this type of work work are already helping people in the form of advice, counseling and giving opinions. This is where I was. Learning the life coaching process or getting trained as a life coach is simply about learning the tools to be effective at accomplishing what you are already trying to accomplish.

For many (and what I learned about myself) the way they are trying to help people is not the most effective ways. For instance solving all of their problems and giving them the answers is not how the life coach operates.

In order to empower the person, you skillfully help them look at their problems from another point of view, help them see other options and think through things for themselves. Generally speaking.

But the idea is to get them thinking. Actually the goal is to help them not need you anymore, lol. Sounds funny but that should be the attitude of the life coach in my opinion. When you know you have helped someone to that extent then they are also able to go out and help other people with problems.

They have tools and a new perspective.


Most training comes with a certificate. You are then deemed certified. There is no governing body that controls what the standards are for that certification. Each training program can create their own standards for certification. ICF Accredited schools are probably regarded the best schools to many people. A good school does not have to be accredited.

The individual who conduct Life Coaching Training may or may not provide a certificate. This may or may not matter depending on what your goals and objectives are. This is covered in more detail on Life Coach Certification Page

Life Coach Certification

Life Coach Training