Health Coaching

Health coaching will help identify the changes needed in order to make improvements in health. Communication with the client will reveal desired results and a plan will be created attain those goals.

The client will get support and be help accountable for staying on course based on the agreed upon terms.

Everyone should feel this good!

Why don't you?

Preventive care is becoming more and more popular as an cost effective way for people who need to make behavioral changes in order to improve their health. Many of those changes are long term habits like changing diets and getting some type of exercise periodically, which is challenging to anyone.

Get someone with a busy schedule or with kids and the challenge just got greater.

It's easy to see how support and accountability from an outside source can be a benefit.

What Can Be Expected From a Health Coach Session?

You may discuss many topics related to health from various angles. The client is the one who ultimately guides the conversation based upon the desired end result. Realistically any coach would try and get the client to look at the big picture so the entire body is included in the agreed actions.

Here are some subject matter that may be discussed in a session...

  • Challenges to making the shift
  • New way of thinking of health
  • Identifying why the desire to change
  • Techniques for success
  • Self awareness
  • Recognizing triggers
  • Emotion awareness
  • Overcoming temptation
  • Identifying obstacles to the shift
  • Connection to mind and body
  • Healthy dieting
  • Effective exercise ideas
  • How to lose weight
  • How to improve over all health
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Vitamins, Nutrients and Minerals

Why is Health Coaching So Important?

It is a fact that most illnesses and diseases that afflict us could have been prevented with better choices.

The information that we have today, shows us what to avoid and what to do more of in order to have better health. However, change is not easy. Many don't pay attention to the information and those that do don't have the self discipline to act on the information that is available.

The accountability and support of coaching services has changed the game for many who are successful at making changes to their habits and health.

Some health coaches even provide access to health coaching websites and communities to both engage the client, further educate the client and even track their progress with the program. There are many online programs that also do health assessments and even get your records from you last Doctor's visit.

There is also coaching for alternative health, mental health coaching and health and wellness coaching.

Health Coaching