Does Coaching Work?

In short, it has been proven over and over again. Yes. Also, think about this....there has been coaches for ever in business, sports, entertainment, weight training and the list goes on. Where people have money and seek to polish skills and stay on track a coach has been close. Now it has hit mainstream and is applied to all areas of life.

It isn't real hard to figure out why coaching is effective. You have someone to listen to you which many don't have. That in itself goes a long way.

The client is paying someone and expecting positive results. That taps his/her belief system. This predisposes the client to have positive results before the coaching starts.

Depression and Stressed Reduced in the Workplace

How coaching helped obese

Improvement in productivity and wellness in the workplace

Company hires coach for 400 lb employee on death bed

Now add the fact that most coaches are in the business because of a quinine concern for others.

They are passionate about what they do, so they are competent in getting to the bottom of what is bothering the client.

Even beginning coaches are effective at bring about awareness and providing insights that help the client see the issue from a new perspective.

The nature of that entire process almost says to me that positive results are unavoidable. But this theory of mine won't do much for most people. Luckily there are plenty of studies researching the benefits of coaching.

I didn't look for a terribly long time, but I didn't come across one report that said there was no improvement for what ever type of coaching a client received.

The Mass Usage of Coaches

Companies are bring in success coaches to motivate employees, health and wellness coaches to decrease the cost of health care. This is what the most profitable companies do.

To me this indicates a high level of trust on their part that coaching is an effective tool for better performance and positive change.

But really all you have to do is think about it. Wouldn't you perform better with someone to talk to about the issue. Then that person supports you goals and the steps you commit to doing in order to achieve your goals.

Then he calls to check and see how things are going so that you accountable for following through with the commitment?

Would that help you to have more traction in life?

Does coaching work