Coaching Online

Coaching online is as effective as coaching in person. The benefits are that in addition to you saving gas money and time, coaching online fees be cheaper since the coach that you use is also saving time and money. Of course, it depends on the coach.

Now obviously coaching online isn't for all types of coaching . A sports coach helping you to perfect a certain move in basketball would want to be there working with you on a court. But for life, personal, relationship, career and some business coaching sessions can be done online with equal results as they would have in person.

Now coaching online wouldn't be effective with everyone. You should know by now what type of person you are. If you are someone who prefers face to face interaction in person interaction, you might find going into a local coaches office is more effective for you. A clue would be if you prefer going into the bank instead of banking online, or going to the cashier instead of self checkout.

Many people are apprehensive about getting coached online in the beginning but after giving it a try, they find out it works for them just fine. If you are unsure whether get coached online will work for you or not, you could try it by at least doing your initial consultation online. That is enough in many cases to help you decide either way.

How Is Coaching Online Done?

There are many tools for coaching online. What is used of course will vary. There are websites and software that provide this functionality. You can get video coaching with Skype or similar Video Conference or Online Meeting Software. Also your coaching on line may be simply audio through similar software or VoIP. Skype is common for this as well but there are many others.

Some Online Life Coaches will also record the online session and send you the file, others won't or will charge you extra.

Sometimes people don't even want to interact directly with a coach 1 on 1 even though it is online. For those people video exchange and email can be an option, but it is not done by all coaches and for complex issues and brainstorming it is less dynamic or an experience than real time coaching.

Coaching session usually last from 30minutes to an hour just like most face to face or telephone life coaching sessions. Depending on the method used for coaching the sessions may be available for download or revisiting at anytime.

Get your coaching online for convenience and possibly better rates. There are many ways to get your coaching online. Your coach may use video streaming or a webinar hosting website.

They may also use sites such as or to host the coaching sessions. When you find your online coach, they will inform you with instructions of how to receive their in online coaching services.

Coaching Online
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