Career Coach

A Career Coach serves many functions. One of them is to help you find a career path that will make you a happier person. Many people don't like or worse can't stand their jobs. This doesn't have to happen.

This often is because they have ended up working somewhere that is not compatible for their personality type. Your career should make you happy.

A Career Coach Can Help Gain Employment Success

Are you getting traction with finding a job. Do you have the satisfaction you want at the job you currently have. A career coach can help you with employment success by coaching in these areas and more

  • Getting The Interview
  • How To Get A Raise
  • Career Change Coaching
  • Qualifying For The Job
  • Thinking Outside of the Box
  • The Truth About Resumes
  • Current Trends in Hiring
  • Attitude That Attracts a Yes
  • Selling Yourself
  • Self Assessment
  • Job Seeking Techniques
  • The Thank You Letter

What Does a Career Coach Do?

First and foremost that depends on why you are there. But often the coach will start with a discover session or consultation as mentioned early. During this first session, you will know enough about each to determine if there is a match. In other words. If the coach doesn't think you are a match or you don't think the coach is a match, you shouldn't consider not working together.

I you do want to work together, you move forward in setting this up or setting up the first paying session.

Find out what you would like to address

Bounce conversation back and forth helping you gain insight, consider options, find solutions that would look like progress to you.

Set a specific goal to work toward.

Define the actions that you will take in order to make progress.

Define what is deemed being a success.

Schedule follow up meetings and support calls to check up on your progress and keep you motivated.

Want a Dream Job

A career coach will ask you questions to find out what type of personality you have. What makes you tick? Will most likely give you a personality test if you have no interest in a career path. What type of work could you see yourself doing for free, if you didn't need to collect a paycheck?

Relax, you won't be told to go work for free!

The point is, whatever you enjoy doing that much, would certainly give you joy when you also collected a paycheck for doing it. People typically don't go after jobs in this way.

Happy would your life be if you enjoyed work every day. Supposed you looked forward to it because it is something that you loved doing. All of us could live that life if that was our goal and we had the support to take steps needed to make it a reality.

What people often focus on is money. The money will come if you do what you love. There is a way to make that happen.

What are the Benefits of a Career Coach

  • Discover Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Personality Assessment by a Real Person
  • Conviction in a Decision to Go Forward
  • Find Work That Makes You Happy
  • Earn More Money
  • Discovery of Ways to Climb The Ladder
  • To Identify Specific Steps to Gain Traction
  • Have an Accountability Partner
  • Discover New Areas of Possible Interest
  • Find a New Career That You are Passionate About
  • Better Job Performance
  • Find Career Opportunities
  • Better Attitude At Work and Home

Who Needs a Career Coach?

Well, if you are wondering if you need a career coach you may need one.

However, with a little reading and research, and self reflecting you could either avoid seeing the career coach or at least go in with questions and ideas instead just know that you need to see someone. Which is fine too by the way. I know some people (like me) like to know something about what is about to take place.

Here are some indicators that you might need a career coach.

  • Unemployed
  • Unhappy at work
  • You Are Always Watching the Clock
  • You Can't Get Along With Your Co Workers
  • You Never Make Promotion
  • There is No Promotions At Your Job
  • There Are No Benefits At Your Job
  • You Feel as If Something is Missing at Work
  • You Feel Unimportant at Work
  • You Don't Get The Recognition That You Deserve
  • Other People Seem To Hate You At Work
  • The Boss Doesn't Like You
  • You Need More Free Time For Your Family
  • You Don't Make Enough Money
  • You Call in Frequently
  • You Are Always Thinking About Quitting
  • You Dream of Setting the Place on Fire

Career Coach